Why I Fight

Everyone always says that one of the most important things you can do with your life is to fight for what you believe in. In certain instances I must say that this is total baloney, but because everyone fights for what they desire, I have my own battles too. Monsanto fights for its GMOs to remain a secret to the majority, Tyson Chicken is dedicated to malevolent poultry production to keep prices low, and product high, so I am inspired to promote sustainability in all aspects, fight climate change and reprimand injustices committed by mass corporations, governments and individuals. This is fueled by many things, the topsoil loss in the American bread basket, the outrageous amounts of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and food additives that cause disease, sever biodiversity loss and tortured animals and slaughter house employees.

Why I fight though, and continue fighting as if my life depended on it, is because in a way it does. We all know this, humanity is indebted to the earth for all the resources we depend on, and it is no secret the the systems our food is cycling through are dangerous to not only environmental health, but ours too, however this hit home four years ago when, fresh out of high school, I was feeling sick to my stomach every day. It was early in that summer of freedom when I was diagnosed with Celiac disease, and underwent surgery to remove my dysfunctional gallbladder. From that moment on there has been only one brief period of time where I was not bloated (and it was while I had an ear and sinus infection). I could eat all the healthy food in the world or I could eat nothing at all, but never a reprieve from my symptoms. Down the line I discovered I had more allergens and a fellow auto immune buddy, Hashimoto’s disease. Through the grapevine of the web, as I was searching for the reason why, realization struck that the modified environment, GMOs and industrial agriculture tactics, all induce the issues I am experiencing. To this day I still expend countless efforts to feel the way I know I should; supplements, remedies, organics, diets and even though after all this time I have not fully regained my health, I cannot stop trying. All the while, I know and am immensely grateful that I still have it so good. The extent of my health crisis is nothing compared to that of native peoples, subject to uranium mining, children of Flint who suffer lead poisoning, and the millions of people diagnosed with, diabetes, heart disease and cancer simply because our country sees healthy food a privilege, instead of a right. I keep fighting for all the things I believe in, for nature, my peers, my posterity, but mostly for the right of myself and everyone to feel as they should.

Don’t we all? Every moment of every day we are all fighting to simply be ourselves, against all the factors of this homogenized society that suppress individuality. Whether it is a racist comment, an infested garden, a destroyed home, a childhood tree beheaded, or even a pipeline desecrating your sacred land,  we wrestle the deep resistance of all these events to change our lifestyles and stay true to who we are, expressed though actions and inactions. So with this blog I would like to inspire action to care for our ourselves in all ways necessary. From self care to advocacy, lets go fight for ourselves.


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